Written By Brandy Centolanza

It is 1:30 p.m. and I write this while I am still in my nightgown. My kids and I are having another one of our “lazy” summer days at home. Last year, I planned out every single day of their summer break, and each day we had to get out of the house and go on an adventure. This year, not so much. I was too exhausted after the first week of having them home that I gave up on planning much of anything just so I could breathe. Now, I’m relishing in our downtime, and enjoying not knowing exactly what we are going to do the next day right down to the minute. This morning, we read in the hammock, watched the birds, bugs, and bunnies living it up in the backyard, cracked up over a crazy game of Uno, and just lounged around in our pajamas. I have friends who put their kids in a camp or activity every day of the summer and are so busy that they don’t have time to eat or go to the bathroom, but that’s not for me. When do they see each other as a family, find time to recharge or appreciate nature and literally stop and smell the roses? My son recently underwent a tonsillectomy, so we are confined to our home for a bit, and that will give us time to relax and unwind, which I think everyone needs at some point for their own mental and physical health. While it is part of my personality to want to plan everything so I feel like I have some sense of control, I’ve come to realize that running ourselves ragged doesn’t do anybody any good. There will be plenty of time for more adventure, but for now, I’ve given up some of the control and have found some peace of mind in the process.