Do it Yourself: Salad on the GO!

Written by Asha McLaughlin

Have Salad, Will Travel

Summertime can be a fast-paced time of running here and there. For those who want to continue to eat healthy, now is a great time to enjoy summer’s bounty by learning how to layer the good stuff and take it with you on the road.


  • Mason jars or large screw-top glass jars
  • Knife & chopping board
  • Salad greens
  • Chopped veggies
  • Grains of choice (quinoa, couscous, etc.)
  • Shredded or cubed cheese
  • Dressing of choice

In order to keep items crisp, layer in this order:

Layer 1: Your favorite dressing
Layer 2: Rice, pasta, quinoa or couscous
Layer 3: Tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, celery and peppers
Layer 4: Carrots, zucchini, beans, lentils, peas, corn and broccoli
Layer 5: Boiled eggs and cheese of choice
Layer 6: Nuts and greens, such as lettuce, spinach or arugula


  1. Chop all ingredients.
  2. Place ingredients in the jar according to layer chart above.
  3. Screw lid on tightly.
  4. Store in cool area until ready to eat.
  5. To serve, either flip the jar upside down or empty contents into a bowl and mix ingredients together.
  • Wow, this is a great idea! Being a golf player, I’m pretty busy, but the healthy diet is one of my top priorities, so this recipe is extremely nice and helpful. The best thing about it is its simplicity and nice appearance. Thank you so much for sharing such a great idea!

  • Brian M. Freer

    So true. All it takes is a little planning. You can layer a protein like chicken or steak as well. Leave a little room at the top so you can shake it up.

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Asha is a long time yoga & meditation teacher as well as a natural health educator at Bloom Wellness, in Williamsburg. She teaches public classes and offers private sessions – she can be reached at