Buyer Beware! Should I Buy a Hearing Aid Online?

Internet sales of hearing aids have been increasing quite a bit recently, sometimes with seemingly super deals. There is no doubt that the price of good hearing devices can discourage many people from seeking the help they need, but there are additional things to consider when you’re thinking about purchasing aids. 

   Improving your hearing is about more  than just purchasing a device – it should involve the expert diagnostic and rehabilitative services of a credentialed, licensed audiologist through face-to-face consultation and evaluation. This is what is missing when you buy a hearing aid online. Also, despite website claims, most major hearing aid manufacturers do not honor warranties for aids purchased on the Internet. 

   Your best bet is to seek the expertise of a licensed professional and go from there. There are often discounts and service plans available that can make the venture affordable. You will get the most out of even a very basic hearing aid if you have it fit by a professional. Hearing health is vital to the quality of your life, and an expert’s care during testing, fitting new hearing aids and for all follow-up care is essential to that goal. 

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Mavis W. Garrett, Au.D, CCC-A