Solar-Powered Beach Lamps

Beach Lights

You Will Need:

•    1 (approx.) 14 oz. glass jar with screw-top metal lid 
(relish jars are great!)
•    Twine
•    An inexpensive outdoor solar path light, with the lighted housing removed (these unscrew easily)
•    Strong glue
•    Sand
•    Sea colored glass “gems”
•    A small hand drill and drill bit the size of the solar light’s bulb compartment
•    Sea-themed foam stickers or shapes
•    Scissors

To Make:

  1. With the lid removed, carefully drill a hole into the center of the metal lid.
  2. Carefully center the solar light’s bulb over the drilled hole and use glue to attach light housing firmly to lid.
  3. Fill the jar with sand, then half way with gems. Place foam stickers around the edges of the jar, using the gems to hold them in place. Fill the remainder of the jar with gems (to the top).
  4. Using glue to keep lid secure, replace the lid and seal tightly.
  5. Using glue, attach twine in a spiraling design around the metal lid to cover. Finish with a bow!
  6. Leave jar in sunlight for up to 8 hours or more to charge, and enjoy the beach lamp that evening!