All Work(out) and No Play

Remember when the only gym you knew was of the jungle variety? It didn’t feel like work, but all that climbing and hanging torched tons of calories while strengthening your muscles. Return to recess and make the most of these last few weeks of summer. Crank out these moves midway through a park run or do them in place of a regular sculpting session—and put the fun back in your fitness routine.

What you will need: A playground that has a bench, slide, swing and monkey bars (or pull-up bar).

How it works: Perform 15 repetitions of each exercise.  Once you have completed one set of each exercise in the circuit, rest one minute.  Repeat the circuit 1-2 more times, resting one minute after each complete circuit.



Targets back and biceps
Hang from a pull-up bar with your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width.  Pull-up until your chin clears the bar, then lower yourself down slowly until your arms are extended.




Bulgarian Lunge
Targets glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings
Stand facing away from a bench with your right foot slightly in front of your hip. Place your left foot on the bench. Lower yourself until your right leg is at 90 degree angle. Stand and repeat.



Knee Tucks
Targets abdominals
Kneel in front of a swing, with your hands under your shoulders.  Place one foot at a time on the seat of the swing, so that you are in a suspended push-up position.  Keeping your hands under your shoulders and your hips aligned with your shoulders, tuck your knees, bringing them under your chest.  Slowly extend your legs back to the starting position and repeat.  



Bench Jumps
Targets glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps with a cardio component
Stand facing a bench.  Swing arms back from the shoulders and jump, landing in a squat position on the middle of the bench.  Step down and repeat.  



Targets back and biceps
Stand facing a swing, holding the chains with your hands slightly higher than shoulders.  Walk forward until your body is at a 45 degree angle. Keep your core engaged and your hips under your shoulders while you pull your body toward the swing.  Release back to the starting position and repeat.



Decline Sit-up
Targets abdominals
Start at the top of a jungle gym apparatus.  Secure feet by hooking them in between the bars.  Place hands behind your head and lower yourself back slowly, keeping your spine slightly flexed.  Sit up and repeat.



Targets abdominals
Hang from a pull-up bar or monkey bar.  Engage your core and bring your toes up to the bar.  Release your legs slowly back to the starting position.