4 Healthy Foods You (Probably) Aren’t Eating

One of the biggest benefits of choosing to eat healthier is the joy of discovering new foods. Health food store shelves are overflowing with tasty options just waiting to be explored, so take your taste buds on a culinary adventure with these four healthy foods you might not have tried.


1. Amaranth
Move over, quinoa, there’s a new ancient grain in town! High in protein and fiber, amaranth also contains a hearty dose of manganese, a mineral essential for strong bones and a healthy body. Amaranth is a great alternative to oatmeal in the morning. You can also pop the tiny grains in a skillet on the stove to enjoy as a replacement for popcorn on movie night. Add a few teaspoons of amaranth to a dry skillet and cook over medium heat. The tiny grains leap out of the pan as they pop, so have a mesh cover or large plate handy to cover the skillet.


2. Flaxseed
Full of omega-3 fatty acids, flaxseed is easy to incorporate into your diet. Spoon a tablespoon into your morning smoothie or on top of yogurt and granola for a snack. Omega-3s are linked to improved heart health, and may also help lower bad cholesterol. Flaxseed may even help menopausal women find relief from hot flashes. Be sure to purchase ground flaxseed, as the seeds should not be consumed whole.




3. Matcha
Matcha green tea powder is recognized by its distinctive rich green hue. Derived from green tea leaves, Matcha can be added to a variety of recipes, including cakes, drinks and ice cream to provide an extra dose of antioxidants. Matcha is becoming more popular in the U.S. and has even made its way into Starbucks. The chain now offers a Green Tea Latte, which includes a Matcha tea blend. You can buy Matcha at health food stores and specialty tea shops.



4. Turmeric
Turmeric is the main ingredient in curry that gives the spicy Indian dish its flavor. Known for its vibrant yellow color, turmeric is also a nutrition powerhouse. Turmeric contains cur cumin, which studies show has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. You can buy turmeric in root form in the produce section of health food stores, or you can pick up a jar of dried turmeric at the grocery store. Be careful when cooking with turmeric, though, as it can stain wood and plastic, as well as your fingertips, bright yellow

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